Do you urgently need to protect your workforce with Faceshields and installing protective plastic barrier screens ?

Then you’ve arrived at the right place as EGR is Australia’s largest manufacturer of rigid polymer sheeting used in personal protection products.

High traffic public-facing environments such as medical centres, pharmacies, and supermarkets are issuing staff with EGR Faceshields and installing ZenoShield transparent protective barriers at front desks and checkouts to help keep staff and the public from infecting one another with the coronavirus.

These and other distancing measures are guaranteeing the safety of your staff and customers.

EGR Faceshields and Zenoshield Protective Screens allows you to :

  • lens take extra precautions for the well-being of your customers and staff.
  • lens bring peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to keep your staff and customers safe.
  • lens provide protection even when the mandatory 1.5-meter social distance is not available

Manufactured from robust, transparent acrylic or PETG polymer material, EGR Personal Protection Products will withstand the harshest environments. They are maintained and cleaned easily using commonly available surface cleaning solutions.

These face shields are perfect for medical applications, nursing home applications - in fact, any close contact spaces where it is vital to keep the minimum “social 1.5m distance” between the medical staff, customer service personnel, and the general public.

Face Shield - Reuseable

  • lensEGR shields are manufactured from crystal clear, recyclable PETG that is ideal for medical and healthrelated applications.
  • lensEasy to clean with any detergent
  • lensAnti-splash reusable system is suitable for office, home, medical, or outdoor first aid situations.
  • lensComfortable multi-size design is the ideal solution

EGR Face Shields for greater personal safety

  • lensREUSABLE
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EGR Face Shield

EGR Face Shield Anti Viral

EGR Face Shield

EGR Face Shield Anti Viral


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Peter Beckman - 0412 234 264

Which products are you interested in?
EGR Vertical Shield Anti Viral1
EGR Vertical Shield Anti Viral2
EGR Vertical Shield Anti Viral3

Keep Your Staff and Customers Safe!

EGR Can Custom Design A Solution Just For Your Organisation.

Minimum order of just 200 ZenoShields

580mm x 900mm

EGR Vertical Shield Anti Viral

580mm x 585mm

EGR Vertical Shield Anti Viral

900mm x 580mm

EGR Vertical Shield Anti Viral

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